Journey Engagement Rings – Evolution Of Couple’s Bond

Marriage proposal is a big step that goes with certain rules. By the time the proposal is made, certain etiquette is already involved. Knowing about engagement ring etiquette is also part of respecting the process of engagement which is eventually respecting id verification ring the relationship you’re in.

Ring etiquette should not be taken too lightly for the reason that respecting an engagement entails respecting the ring, how it should be bought, and how it should be worn. The engagement band etiquette talks straight to the point and is mostly reasonable but it would be good to learn about it beforehand.

Who Should be Wearing the Ring?

According to tradition, it is only the woman who wears an engagement ring. But, an increasing number of men also prefer to wear one too. It is not bad to for the two of you to wear engagement rings since it is also a great opportunity to establish your deepening your commitment with each other. However, there might be some people who will think that you two have already passed the altar. Therefore, the choice would really depend on you.

To What Finger Should It Be Worn?

Most of the engaged persons prefer their left ring finger to wear their engagement rings. However, based on tradition, engagement etiquette obligates the woman to wear the ring on the right hand. But the person’s choice is really the deciding factor. If you choose to wear the ring on your left hand because it’s more comfortable, then don’t hesitate. If both the couple decides to wear engagement rings, it is more ideal for them to wear the ring on the right hand.

Who is Obliged to Pay?

When it comes to deciding who pays for the ring, according to the traditional etiquette, it is simply the man who pays for the ring. But nowadays, the couple might decide to split the cost of the ring. This scenario usually happens in couples who have been living together and shares everyday expenditures. However, it is still a pleasant gesture for a man to pay for the ring, regardless of how practical dividing the cost of the engagement ring may be.